Accessori: StimTrak, TriggerBox, EP-PreAmp

P_TriggerBox[1]TriggerBox: THE tool to easily handle and merge triggers from various sources

The TriggerBox helps to handle and merge triggers arriving from different sources, which is quite often a requirement in complex laboratory setups. For example, some markers might arrive from experiment control software via parallel – DB25 (LPT port) – input while other devices – like MOVE, TMS, etc. – may communicate through BNC. If so, the amplifier should record all the triggers simultaneously.

StimTrak: Precise tracking of stimulation onsets




TP_StimTrak[1]HE way to make sure your triggers are trustworthy!
StimTrak combines creativity and precision, making it a very versatile tool which is destined to become a must-have for any kind of laboratory. It is a powerful small tool which you will love if you need a non-standard way to create triggers necessary for experiments. The only limit to its applications is your creativity.

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