BrainAmp Family

BrainAmp Standard: Rugged portable amplifier for multiple applications

BrainAMP StandardThe BrainAmp amplifier is a compact solution for neurophysiology research that can be combined with other units within the same product family to cover a vast range of possible application areas. This fully portable solution can be used for standard EEG/ERP recordings but also for other types of acquisitions even in the “outside” world.

BrainAmp StandardThanks to its 5 kHz sampling rate per channel, the BrainAmp can be used to record EEG, EOG, EMG signals as well as evoked potentials with a frequency up to 1 kHz. The 16 bit TTL trigger input allows the detection of a large number of markers from visual, accoustic, electrical, magnetic or other stimulation modalities.




BrainAmp DC: High quality solution for neurophysiology recordings

L_BADC[1]DC recordings have always been very popular in neurophysiological research and in the clinical world as they allow the investigation of cognitive functions as well as many pathologies of the brain. MES, the company that inspired the founding of Brain Products, designed its first DC amplifier for neurophysiology research (DC-MES) back in the 1985 and according to the customers who bought it, it is still working well.BrainAmp DC

Having contributed to this small part of “history” and as well as relying on its extensive experience in this field, Brain Products pressed forward with the design of the BrainAmp DC. The BrainAmp DC can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from standard EEG/ERP recordings to simultaneous EEG/TMS and EEG/MEG acquisitions, Brain Computer Interface and Neurofeedback.


BrainAmp MR: Superior solution for combining EEG & fMRI

L_BAMR[1]Over the course of the last number of years the combination of EEG and fMRI to investigate the electrophysiological as well as the hemodynamic information of cerebral dynamics has become an extremely popular technique. The first BrainAmp MR amplifier for EEG/fMRI simultaneous acquisition was manufactured by Brain Products more than a decade ago and represented a real technological breakthrough.

P_BAMR[1]The extremely high data quality, ease of use, long lasting experience of our developers as well as the unparalleled scientific and technical support made the BrainAmp MR amplifier the first choice for researchers all over the world. Hundreds of scientific publications refer to EEG/fMRI co-registration studies performed with BrainAmp amplifiers.




Superior solution for combining EEG & fMRI

L_BAMRp[1]Since the design of the first BrainAmp MR, the neurophysiology research world moved forward and started to look at new techniques of investigating the brain in action. In light of this it was obvious that there was a need to develop a more advanced amplifier which could cover a wider range of applications and be as flexible as required by its users.

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