Elettrodi, gel e materiale di consumo

E_accessories Every application needs an optimized way to collect data. To accommodate this needs various types of electrode caps like active or passive caps, shielded or non-magnetic caps for several applications like fMRI, TMS, MEG etc. are available.


L_bc[1]High quality Ag/AgCl ring electrodes for highest research demands including DC recordings. All electrodes are positioned in standard positions or according to individual requirements. Flat adapters ensure great wearing comfort. Ring electrodes allow direct access to the scap and thus painless impedance minimization.


L_bcmr[1]fMRI usable electrode cap. Based on our many years of experience, the new version of the BrainCap MR has been modified to be even more comfortable in scanner environments. Additional safety features have been implemented. Built-in resistors as well as protective tubing around long wires make it the safest cap for combined EEG & fMRI recordings.


L_bctms[1]Electrode caps for EEG/TMS co-registrations that have very thin electrode holders (less than 4 mm). In the standard cap version, every electrode can be freely rotated, thus always allowing the best cable geometry for any stimulation point, a crucial feature for successful EEG recordings during TMS stimulation.


L_Sensors_MR[1]GSR MR Module, 3D Acceleration Sensor MR and Respiration Belt MR

The demand for the capability to measure peripheral physiological signals (e.g. skin conductance, movements, respiration) in addition to EEG in the MR scanner has been clearly increasing over the past years. And as you know, our customers’ wishes are our demands, so we are continuously working on developing such sensors.

Sensors to be used in the MR environment


L_Sensors_non_MR[1]Non MR compatible sensors for peripheral signal recordings

Dating back all the way to the its origins in the late 19th century, the recording of peripheral biosignals has always been a hallmark of neurophysiological research. However, with the advent of new and ever more sophisticated investigational techniques such as MEG, PET, fMRI and EEG/MR, the concurrent and multimodal measurement of peripheral physiological signals is adding immense power to the investigation of many central nervous and peripheral mechanisms.


Gel e materiale di consumo

All types of consumables like different kinds of gel, syringes, measuring tapes are available from us and our partner company EASYCAP GmbH. Even polystyrene heads or other useful accessories to make life easier may be selected.

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